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  1. Brian Lewis

    Hello Stratton I’m a big fan. I’ve read it only books except for one and I’m looking forward to it purchasing it. I just want to say thank you for all the hard-working you years of dedication to the breed. Before I was allowed to own my first Pitbull my father made me do a lot of research on the breed. So at the age of about 16 years old I’ll begin my journey if it hadn’t been for all of the information that you written in looks I would not have probably been allowed to on one. Even though I was raised around them from my childhood, my father taught me as much as he could but then he decided that it was much better for me to get understanding and I’m glad that he pushed me to it. That’s when your books entered into my life I hope that you keep on writing about the breed. With everything being claimed nowadays as a pitbull or the XXL Pitbull. It’s good to know that someone with your background knowledge and years of experience with the breed can bring to light the truth about the breed the Bloodlines in the heritage to keep it alive. Once again thank you for all that you do and I’m looking forward to sharing this information with my children to pass it on to other Generations so the breed will survive.

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