1. Tyler *Red* McCoy

    Great web site. Great articles. It is a pleasure to be able to see and read. Thank you for your continued support and love of our breed.
    We salute you.

    The McCoy family.

  2. Tyler *Red* McCoy

    Even though the common folk were not able to keep hunting dogs, it is highly likely that some crosses between these two types werewolves in fact made on account of the dogs. A female dog owned by a common folk comes in season and lurcher or hound was about on a hunt able to catch wind of this.
    Very well could be a source of the bull and terrier descriptions.

    Now you may have another theory that is highly likely.

  3. Justin Reaux

    Hello mr. Richard , my name isJustin Reaux and I am a young man that is interested in Bulldogs I have read your books and found them to be a key part of the knowledge I have obtained about the breed , I have a few Bulldogs my self but feel as tho there is no such thing as ever knowing it all . If there is anyway that you could guide me in the ability to learn more about the breed I would greatly appreciate it
    Thanks I’m advance :justin Reaux

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