Roots of the Grand Old Breed

Roots of the Grand Old Breed by Richard F. Stratton   Without a doubt, the American Pit Bull Terrier is the most controversial breed in the world today.  It wasn’t always thus.  Only forty years ago, it was but a little known breed, and the people who did know about it often had misconceptions.  Now … [Read more…]

Telling the News

Telling the News   I have told how I was first introduced to Bulldogs when I was thirteen years old by Carson Marrow, who was chief of the Border Patrol at that time.  He was a colorful figure of the time in 1944, and he had been a sheriff before becoming involved with the Border … [Read more…]


There is a lot I want to do with this site. I started to go over the comments, but there are over six thousand of them, and most seem to be spam. For that reason, I’ll only check recent comments. I hope to get a lot more pictures and recent articles up. Patience!  This is … [Read more…]